Colby Metal is an Advocate for All Employees

June 9, 2023

Colby Metal is committed to hiring and working with anybody that is interested to learn and work in the metal fab industry. The company works with the ODC, a non-profit organization that connects people with disabilities to employers. Colby Metal’s work with the organization has earned them the ODC employer of the month in the past.

President of Operations, Travis Kind explained, “We are big advocates of giving everyone an opportunity to contribute.”

One person that was excited to learn the trade was Cody, an employee with Down Syndrome.

Colby Metal acquired a grant that gave Cody the opportunity to work with the team and be a part of the company’s community.

“He was interested in working in the industry,” stated Travis. “So we found a grant that would allow us to hire him on. He has become such an integral part of the work culture that when the grant ended, we decided to hire him on as a permanent member of the team.”

Cody works 4-hour shifts assisting with bags, hooks, maintenance and baggage reclaim.

When Cody is on the clock, he can be seen knuckling and high-fiving the team members and improving the energy inside the building. “Overall,” said Travis, “He has completely changed the work culture.”

Currently, Colby Metal employs two team members with special needs.

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